Safety Second: Novelty Motorcycle Helmets

July 23, 2010


Who cares if they're not DOT approved, they look cool. Safety can take a back seat to style any day, amirite? No, no that's a good way to die young and still leave a crappy looking corpse. Now I don't know how things work where you're from, but back in West Virginia it's considered an honor if Morty the mortician makes out with you after the embalming, and I come from a long line of the distinguish dead (we suspect he even stole my uncle's genitals).

Hit the jump for a bunch more, including slightly NSFW butt and breast helmets.



Генетические эксперименты над мотоциклетными шлемами [good]
Cool Motorcycle Helmets by Good [likecool]

Thanks to rox and Dante, who don't wear helmets because they like to live dangerously. Ugh -- your parents must be so worried!

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