Remember To Play Safe: Game Boy Condoms

July 2, 2010


This is a box of Game Boy themed wiener wrappers designed by artist/illustrator Ben Marsh. Each paper Game Boy comes filled with six cartridge-condoms to help prevent the spread of disease and crying babies.

The handheld-themed packaging contains six pleasurable varieties of "playable" prophylactics, each with its own punny name:

* Ribbed - The Long End of Zelda
* Heat - Dong
* Tingle - Bone Zone 2
* Thin - Super Mario Land of Love
* X Safe - Sextris
* Large - Donkey Shlong

Clever. Of course, I've been rocking video game condoms forever (read: putting my wiener through the hole in PS3 discs). Don't tell the guys at GameStop!

Hit the jump for several more shots of the safety first.





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Thanks to treekisser, who takes going green to a whole, much more erotic level.

  • juanita

    i wouldn't mind buying these at all. please email the details :


    Free download for the 6 small boxes, though the larger Gameboy box I can't find =)

  • Guest

    It's a free download so you can print off each small box. Not sure how to get the larger gameboy box to contain them all though :)

  • Ri

    If anyone knows where I can buy these, fricken email me asap.

  • I want the boxes as decorations for my room! *-*

  • Shawn Anthony Mullins

    ummm where the hell do i buy these? i googled trying to find somewhere online selling gameboy themed condoms... not to use mind you, id buy trojans to use but damn it i want some game boy themed shit just for nostalgia.
    if anyone knows where to get them send me a link or something pls.

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