Picture Of A Nuke Detonated In Outerspace

July 2, 2010


This is a recently declassified photo from 1962 of the only nuke ever detonated in space by humans. But what about aliens? They detonate those things all the f***ing time. I'm talking like fireworks on the 4th of July. I know, I know -- that tie-in was the shit.

Why, pray tell, did the government want to launch nukes into space? Well, apparently they wanted to test a few theories.

The plan was to send rockets hundreds of miles up, higher than the Earth's atmosphere, and then detonate nuclear weapons to see: a) If a bomb's radiation would make it harder to see what was up there (like incoming Russian missiles!); b) If an explosion would do any damage to objects nearby; c) If the Van Allen belts would move a blast down the bands to an earthly target (Moscow! for example); and -- most peculiar -- d) if a man-made explosion might "alter" the natural shape of the [Earth's magnetic] belts.

Um....I don't like the sound of any of that. It sounds like the kind of experiment I'd conduct. Listen: some serious shit's probably gonna go down and we all might die, but I already bought the supplies so we're doin' it anyway. Scott -- put down the booze, you're in charge of the explosives.

Image of the only nuke ever detonated in space [dvice]

Thanks to FDSY, who allegedly has the only real picture of the Death Star exploding. Oh really, then what's THIS?! Huh? Ha, that is my penis isn't it? Well....what do you think?

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