Parents/Law Enforcement Concerned Digital Drug Use May Lead To Analog Drug Use

July 20, 2010


Seen here looking a little spacy herself, this is a news report by Adrianna Iwasinkski regarding the dangers of digital drugs leading teens down the slippery slope to analog drugs and, eventually, to turning tricks in the mall parking lot to get their next fix (been there done that, amirite?). If you're unfamiliar with digital drugs, you can read the old Geekologie article about i-Doser, or jump right into the video. But just a heads up (in case my parents are reading): Geekologie does not condone drug use of any kind -- be it digital, analog, digilog OR analital. Except booze, which isn't so much a drug as it is a miracle elixir that keeps me sane ($5 HJ's if you bring me an Orange Julius).

Hit it for the parental fear that's sweeping the nation.


Thanks to Megan and rhino, who don't need drugs because they're content huffing paint thinner. Save a rag for me.

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