No: Style Shirt Sports A Pouch For Your iPad

July 28, 2010


Want to wear an iPad on your chest so it's obvious to everyone how cool what a sad, sad virgin (not by choice) you are? Introducing the Style iPad Shirt. Despite it's name, it's actually the opposite of style. Your ass will get kicked!

This pre-shrunk heavyweight cotton tee sports a slit on the inside for sliding your tablet into, and there's a window on the front that enables the wearer (or anyone else, for that matter) to fully interact with the tablet without you having to disrobe. Imagine that! Heck, there are even ports for accessing the dock connector and the 3.5mm headphone jack, which certainly helps to justify the otherwise unconscionable $49.95 to $54.95 price tag.

I'm sorry, but I will make fun of anyone caught wearing one. There's just no excuse. I mean, an iPhone hat sure, but an iPad shirt? I don't think so, Tim. No, what this thing needs is more power. See what I'm doing here? THIS HOME NEEDS NO IMPROVEMENT! Love you, JTT.

A couple more shots of the WTFery after the jump.




iPad-toting Syte Shirt redefines 'multitasking' [engadget]
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