No Cameras Beyond This Point: A Peek Inside Apple's $100 Million iPhone Testing Facility

July 16, 2010


Note: The additional (high-res) shots of the facility can be seen HERE, HERE and HERE.

These are super-secret spy shots taken from inside Apple's $100 million iPhone testing facility. Okay so they're not actually secret, Apple released them today. Unless you wanna pretend they're super-secret spy shots, in which case that spy was me and I did that shit James Bond style plus a bunch of voluptuous-ass womens afterward. No, no I didn't either. I accidentally shot myself in the leg Plaxico Burress style and was propositioned by a toothless whore on the bus ride to Cupertino. Me being a much classier version of Bond aside, it's sad as shit when your $100 million testing facility releases a phone that loses its signal when you hold it wrong. Just sayin', you could have tested that shit in my closet.

Apple's Antenna Design and Test Labs [apple]

Thanks to the blue batter, Christopher and Jessica, who all have assistants who hold their phones for them and won't hesitate to fire them if they drop a call (or the phone in a toilet).

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