Man Legally Changes Name To Buzz Lightyear

July 23, 2010


Steve Bolton (Michael's talentless brother) is a British man who recently changed his name to Buzz Lightyear. Possibly to hit on children.

A mechanic from West Bromwich, who considers himself to be the world's biggest 'Toy Story' fan, has officially changed his name to Buzz Lightyear.

Such was Steve Bolton's love for the first two movies, he decided to do something special for the launch of 'Toy Story 3', so the 26-year-old contacted the UK Deed Poll Service and paid for the name change. Now he can legally have "Buzz Lightyear" on his passport (whether the destination "infinity and beyond" is acknowledged remains to be seen), credit cards etc.

Oh so you're the biggest 'Toy Story' fan, are you Steve? Well I've got news for you: THERE'S NO F***ING WAY. There are kids out there that love those movies more than you've ever loved anything in your life. Just sayin', if I ripped Woody's arms off would you crap your pants and cry all day? Exactly.

British 'Toy Story' fan gets a Buzz out of name change [yahoo]

Thanks to littlezan and Woody (or it will be when the paperwork comes through), who really are the biggest 'Toy Story' fans and have the tattoos to prove it. Suck it, Steve!

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