LOLWUT?!: Nokia's Questionably New Slogan

July 27, 2010


I think it's actually supposed to read, "concocting poopie", which makes a lot more sense because that's exactly what Nokia does. That said, my first cell phone was an old green-screen Nokia brick that I got a bright-ass yellow case for from a kiosk at the mall because I thought I was cool. Hoho, little did I know -- I was the coolest. Did I mention the belt clip? There was a matching belt clip that would make you wetter than a wave pool if you saw it right now. So f***ing hot.

Browntooth enabled... [engrish]
Nokia's Come From Behind Strategy [gizmodo]

Thanks to Marco, for inventing what is arguably the funnest game to play in the pool. Kidding, it's Sharks and Minnows.

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