Let's Get It On!: MMA 'Throwdown' Caged Bed

July 16, 2010


Let's not kid ourselves: you can't watch mixed martial arts without getting aroused. So why not move those amorous feelings to the bedroom with a cage fighting bed? I can't think of a good reason (well, besides the $1250 price tag). Pillow fight!

Crafted from poplar hardwood poles, MDF frame with steel undercarriage bed supports.

With the use of actual fencing, 9 gauge 6 core centers, foam padded rails and synthetic leather covers, this will last forever, just like the real deal. MDF Stairs include replica diamond plating Throwdown Anvil detail.

Looking to get this bed for someone other than the little guy or gal? In addition to Twin, we have Full, Queen and King size as well!

Oh man, this reminds me of the first time I walked in on my roommate having sex. Get it?! Because he was with another dude. Plus there was a ref.

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Thanks to BooGT, who [insert something about a rear naked choke-hold].

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