Finger Candy: LEGO Brick Thumb Tattoo

July 13, 2010


Nathan Sawaya, best known for getting paid ridiculous scrilla to make things out of LEGO blocks all day, decided to get a LEGO tattoo on his thumb. And on my thumb? A lucha libre mask. You know -- for thumb wrastlin'!

Every single day, I snap together bricks. Each day I am pressing down on the bumps of each brick to make sure there is a tight fit. And if I press real hard, the bumps leave little marks on myfingers and thumb. What better way to pay tribute to my medium of choice, then permanently inking those marks on to my thumb?

Are you serious? What better way to pay tribute to LEGO than a thumb tattoo? Geez Nathan, did you even sleep on the question? Because I've got three words for you: are you ready? No, that wasn't them, I meant are ready to hear my idea. Okay, check it: LEGO breast implants. Now THAT'S paying tribute (you think about what cup-size you want, I'll call the doctor).

LEGO Thumb Tattoo [neatorama]

Thanks to marie, Kaibedz and Erik, who all have too many commitment issues to ever get a tattoo. Except Erik, who woke up with one after a night of drinking. CONQUER THOSE FEARS!

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