Kid Tricks Apple Into Approving Tethering App

July 21, 2010


15-year old Nick Lee snuck tethering capabilities into a seemingly inconspicuous $0.99 flashlight app and got it approved by Apple. Unfortunately, fanboys can't keep their pie-holes shut on the internet and the app has since been pulled. WAY TO SUCK, JERKS.

Handy Light, which has since been removed from the store, was a $0.99 app that looked just like a slew of other garbage flashlight apps cluttering up the App Store. It's main functionality appeared to just be changing the screen to different colors.

But underneath? It gave you the ability to easily turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing your laptop or iPad to share the 3G connection without having to pay AT&T a ransom to do so. Awesome.

Oh man, I miss the days of free tethering. Get it? My gimp ran away!

How Apple got tricked into approving an iPhone tethering app [dvice]

Thanks to Martin, who's so excited about the real GW's return he sent a picture he drew of himself stabbing my eyes out while I scream uncle and birds peck at my genitals. Thanks for that.

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