Uh, Congratulations?: Kid Craigslist Swaps From Old Cell Phone To Old Porsche Boxster

July 21, 2010


Craigslist swapping: it's not just for kinky swingers anymore. You see, 17-year old Californian Steven Oritz executed 14 swaps via Craigslist, trading from an old cell phone to a 2000 Porsche Boxster. Oh come on -- they're not even real Porsches!

Ortiz spends five to six hours each day searching Craigslist for the right kind of swaps. Over the last two years and 14 trades, he's had an eclectic assortment of items in his possession, including an iPod touch, various dirt bikes, a MacBook Pro, a golf cart, and a 1975 Ford Bronco. It was the Bronco that allowed him to become the only kid at his high school who drives his own convertible Porsche to class.

In fact, when Ortiz made his final swap to get the sports car, he was actually trading down. After driving around the 1975 Ford Bronco--worth around $15,000--for a while, Steven decided to trade it for the renown of being a teenage Porsche owner, even though the Boxster was worth only $9,000.

Five to six hours a day for two years, huh? Given a 25-hour work week and a California minimum wage of $8, you could have earned $20,800 in the same time. That's enough for two crappy Boxsters, plus $2,800 for rims and candy! Just sayin', you know how many Atomic Fireballs that is? Enough to melt your @$$hole off.

How to Upgrade an Old Phone into a Porsche [yahoo]

Thanks to jediGK, Ryan and necrodancer, who have all traded their dignity for Miley Cyrus concert tickets at one time or another.

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