iPhone Fiasco Played Out In Chinese Animation, Now With More Darth Jobs

July 20, 2010


This is a Chinese news animation of the whole iPhone 4 fiasco being played out from lost prototype to recent press conference addressing the phone's booboo antenna problem. Plus Steve Jobs steals Bill Gates' Darth Vader helmet after a lightsaber battle, which makes perfect sense if you don't really think about it. Jobs beating Gates in a duel? Pfft, this ain't Fantasy Island! Is it? It isn't (you can tell cause I'm not wading pube-deep in dinosaurs).

Hit the jump for the video.


Thanks to PsycOrN and swimming with dolphins, one of which is therapeutic, the other of which will murder you in your sleep with his face painted like a clown. Stay away from me, dolphins! And to Evil Jim and Uncle_FUJ, who refuse to watch news that isn't in cartoon form.

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