In Honor Of The 4th: Pizza, The American Way

July 5, 2010


In honor of celebrating America's independence yesterday and my being released from jail without having to spend the entire night (4 AM), here's a pizza made the American way. What's the American way? Try two McDonalds cheeseburgers, an order of nuggets and a box of fries, all covered in a delicious layer of melted cheese. Pfft, and you thought the hotdogs you grilled yesterday were good. Your taste buds don't know shit about deliciousness! Hello? Who is this? My heart? Haha, what do you mean you're attacking? Attacking wha-- GAAAH!!

Hit the jump for a photo-tutorial of the pizza-making process, along with a mandatory shot of the pizza with a firearm (U-S-A!).


America: Fuck Yeah (Food Edition) [pbh3]

Thanks to nilbog, which is actually goblin backwards. YOU CAN'T TRICK ME YOU LITTLE IMP!

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