I'm Learning!: The Periodic Table Of Swearing

July 13, 2010


Note: There's no way you can read that version because it's so small which is good because it's filled wiht nothing but seriously NSFW language so make sure your boss isn't looking and then click HERE to see the thing in all its high-res glory.

This is the Periodic Table of Swearing. I assume it comes from jolly ol' England because it's filled with a bunch of ridiculous sounding phrases I've never heard before. It's available as a poster for around $135 but they're sold out which is okay because I just printed it as big as I could make it. "Council tit gristler"? WTF is that?! Sounds like something on a Waffle House menu. I do love tits and gristle.

Product Site

Thanks to Garfield and Prometheus, who don't swear because I told them every time you do a sea turtle dies. I can't believe they bought that shit! (It's not actually true, right?)

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