I Like Turtles: Video Shot In Turtle's Eye View

July 5, 2010


Ever wonder what it would be like to be a turtle? Chug a canister of ooze wearing a ninja turtle costume. Trust me, I know how these things work. Oooor watch this video from the the TortuCam! WTF's a TortuCam? A waterproof camera strapped to the back of a turtle, dummy! God, look at the f***ing picture. Anyway, as cute as the video is, as an amateur herpetologist I can't recommend you letting a turtle swim in a chemical-filled pool. It's not healthy. Like wearing a bathing suit to a waterpark. What? THIS BOA'S GOTTA BREATHE!

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.

The Life of a Turtle, Through the Eyes of a Turtle [gizmodo]

Thanks to Mary-Ann, who once tore Ginger's top off for trying to seduce the professor. COCO-NUTS!

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