I Call A Wampa Burger!: Princess Leia Gold Bikini And Darth Vader Cooking Aprons

July 22, 2010


Not to brag about my eagle eyes or anything but that girl's hair is blue. Did anybody else notice that? And why's she holding a wooden spoon? ARE YOU SELLING SPOONS AND BLUE NAIL POLISH OR ARE YOU SELLING APRONS?! Me? I'm selling my body for vintage action figures. Me only being four tricks short of a mint-grade Sergeant Slaughter aside, these $25 Star Wars aprons are guaranteed to be the perfect compliment to your next summer cookout. Aren't they, Leia? You can cook my dog any day. Kidding! Chloe'll bite if you try picking her up.

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darth vader and princess leia aprons: force cookin' [technabob]

Thanks to jake, who [insert something about slapping my meat on his grill].

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