How To: Make Your Own Portal From Portal

July 30, 2010


Here's what you do: 1) Buy an oval mirror, two shades of blue modeling paint, and some rubber cement. 2) Huff the shit out of the rubber cement, then try your best to 3) paint the rim of the mirror to look like a portal. D) Hang it on your bedroom wall and E) get a friend really drunk on the Jagermeisters and convince them to try jumping through it. 6) Charge them for repairs, tripling -- no -- QUADRUPLING the cost of everything 7) Profit 8) ??? Dididoitrite?

There's a before shot after the jump just in case you have a hard time imagining what a blank oval mirror, some blue paint and a brush look like.


Aperture Science, Now In Your Bedroom [gizmodo]

Thanks to Kelsey, who once managed to go in an out portal. Consequences will never be the same.

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