How To: Ask Another Pokémon Player Out

July 29, 2010


Like this: creating a special team of characters that spell out a cute message. Alternatively, grow a pair of Poké Balls and ask her out to her face. Huh? What do you mean I'm being too harsh?!

A wild WHINER appears.
GW uses STFU and stop crying or I'll beat you.
It's super effective.

Yes, as a matter of fact I did just whip your ass. NOW GET IN THIS BALL. That said, this should probably be saved for something more meaningful like a wedding proposal. So buddy -- how'd you, you know, pop the question? "Pokémon Red." LOLWUT?!?!

The Pokemon-Powered Pick-Up Line [kotaku]

Thanks to Hairy Mary, who isn't as hairy as she'd lead you to believe. Kidding, I have no idea.

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