How Can You Ever Swim With That Thing?!: Deep-Sea Squid's Johnson Is As Long As It Is

July 7, 2010


See this series of pictures? It's a deep sea squid. In the first picture it's just a normal-ass looking squid, right? Well in the second one its been dissected to see its johnson. It's the white tubular (but not in a gnarly, hang-ten kind of way) thing in the lower half of the photo. And the third picture -- oh boy -- that's the same wiener, erect. I know, I just puked up the last of the deviled eggs from the 4th.

The male squid's sexual organ is almost as long as its whole body, including the squid's mantle, head and arms.

The squid uses its lengthy organ to reach into the body of the female, and it then injects the sperm directly to prevent it being washed away.

How the sperm injected into a female's body then reaches her reproductive organs remains a mystery.

Listen: I find biology as fascinated as the next guy who's ever pleasured himself to a science textbook, but that. is. disgusting. Could you even imagine living with a member as tall as you are? STORY OF MY LIFE, SUCKERS! I had to weld two wheelbarrows together. Also, I guarantee this thing's a delicacy somewhere.

Super squid sex organ discovered [bbcnews]

Thanks to Bertoni, ThatHorseRusty, Tim, Jennaiii, erin and I Prefer Lobster, who are all perverts whether they admit it or not.

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