Haha, Zack -- You Suck At Stealing Internets

July 6, 2010


If there's one thing Zack loves, it's not paying for internet. If there's two, it's not paying for internet, and using said pirated webs to download videos of pr0n actress Amy Reid and leave them where they can be discovered by the ladies he's stealing his tubes from in the first place. Which, at least in my opinion, should be prosecuted like exposing yourself on a crowded city bus. But that's not my point, my point is this: why does it look like the note is taped to a mattress? And, perhaps even more importantly, do you think they signed the note, 'THE GIRLS WHOSE WIRELESS YOU ARE JACKING' as an intentional double-entendre? Jacking -- get it?! Like stealing a car. No? Beats me then. *swish* I want 3-points for that one.

Steal Our Wireless But Hide Your Porn, Perv--Sincerely, The Girls Downstairs [gizmodo]

Thanks to Zach, who made sure to point out his name is spelled with an H instead of a K so there is absolutely no way this could be him.

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