Dammit, Why Didn't I Think Of That?: Futuristic Japanese Watermelon Coolers -- On Wheels

July 19, 2010


Did you know they make watermelon chillers? So did I, they're called sytrofoam coolers filled with ice. But if you insist on being fancy-pants you can drop $230 on this thing. What is this thing? PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR ASS BLOWN AWAY! (leaving your b-hole standing there confused why his cover just disappeared)

Roundly it cools every as for "the cartridge" spring summer Siyuutou, according to season it warms with when OK.

With outdoor furthermore showing the feature! As for the day when the summer is hot every in inserting the watermelon "the cartridge" roundly, in the sea bathing GO! Because it is cigar socket correspondence, in the car the [hi] it is to the core doing.

And, in cold season as a warm warehouse warehouse large participation! If the can coffee and the tea, the meat [ma] and so on it is in you insert "the cartridge", warm way it is possible with anytime to receive tastily.

And, it can receive the new rice tastily by the fact that also the United States cools at fixed temperature.

I have no idea WTF "the cartridge" is, but I want one. It sounds the lovechild of an Allspark and Arc Reactor. And with that kind of power-- MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! -- the world will be ours. Well technically mine, but I will make you a slave.

Product Site
This Is the Watermelon Cooler You Were Looking For [wachovia]

Thanks to fffffffffffffffffffffff, who cools watermelons the old fashioned way: liquid nitrogen. Ever shattered a tooth on a melon before? You will.

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