Gettin' Stabby With Light: A Fiber Optic Knife

July 19, 2010


If you cut someone with a $165 fiber optic knife does it make it look like they were stabbed by rays of sunshine? It was Helios, I swear!

This green glass-bladed knife was made using the old ways, using the technique of knapping, which was used by our stone-age ancestors to shape stones into tools.

This is what I call my Fighting Knife design. The emerald green fiber optic blade makes this knife a rather striking display piece. I enjoy picking it up, feeling it weld to my hand and watching the blade shimmer and dance in the light.

You think these things are as untraceable as stabbing somebody with an icicle? I sure hope so. And I'm not just saying that because I ordered 1,000 and tracked all your IP addresses, but I did and I did and I've been fantasizing about stabbing you for months now. Remember in Fight Club after Tyler Durden beats that prettyboy's face to mush he explains he did it because he "just wanted to destroy something beautiful"? Well it's exactly like that except you should wear a bag over your head so I don't turn to stone.

Hit the jump for two more shots -- or should I say stabs?! No -- just stick to pictures? You're no fun.



Fiber Optic Glass Knife, Just Because [uberreview]

Thanks to Jessie, who once stabbed an enemy with a lightning bolt and blamed it on Zeus. Oh you're good.

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