Frame Napkin Turn Messes Into Masterpieces

July 12, 2010


The Frame Napkin is a $40 fabric napkin with a frame silk-screened on it. That way, after you're finished stuffing your face like a glutton, you've created a work of art with the smattering of food that didn't make it to your pie-hole (or did but wouldn't stay down). Mmmm, vomit. Per the product site:

予測不可能な汚れやシミ それらも見方を変えるとアートになります。 この発想を日常生活の中に取り入れたのがフレームナフキンです。業務用ナフキンに額縁をプリントすることで、汚れがアートとなり私たちの生活を彩ってくれます。お子様のよだれかけとして、ナフキン、ランチョンマットとしてもご使用ください。

Did you read that? I think it said art is dead. That or they were dry-cleaning instructions. Whatever the case, you know those mattress tags that are illegal to remove until you buy the thing? I've stolen hundreds of them from furniture stores. Girls ARE into bad boys, right? Awesome. What about a bad boy who still shits his pants sometimes?

Product Site
Frame Napkin Makes You Proud Of Your Complete Lack Of Table Manners [ohgizmo]

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