For The Ladies: Star Trek Fingernail Painting

July 28, 2010


: I have no idea why we have them. I do know women use them to accessorize and attract the opposite sex by painting them bright colors, but there's gotta be more to it than that, right? Because if that's their only purpose, why do men have them too? Riddle me that, nipples! Life's deepest, darkest mysteries aside, these are some Star Trek themed nails. Not bad, huh? TOO BAD YOU'RE GONNA LOSE THAT PINKIE! Get it? Red-shirt joke! Here comes another: what did one red-shirt say to the other? Nothing -- they were both f***ing dead already.

boldly going where no nail has gone before.. [attackedastoria]

Thanks to janiepants, who's smart enough to never wear red on a space mission. Smart thinking janie, but I wouldn't mess with pink either.

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