Don't Be Fooled!: Back To The Future II Hoax

July 6, 2010


Due to a crappy Photoshop job of the DeLorean's time circuits (above), there's an internet rumor going around that in Back to the Future II Marty travels into the future to July 5th, 2010 (yesterday). WELL IT ISN'T TRUE. In reality, Marty travels to October 21, 2015. Which is good news if you think about it because that means there's still hope for hoverboards, power laces and vacuum jackets. If he had actually traveled to today I'd be depressed as shit Max Headroom didn't serve my breakfast. But there's still time! You hear that, Max? Better make some Headroom in that robotic ass of yours for a size 12 rocketboot!

Thanks to Oddo, pjg, Rigo, LEV3_1, Steve, Alizzan, Sadie, Guava, Shane and Jim, who I'm convinced were all trying to trick me to make me feel like a horse's buttcheeks.

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