They're Not Even Sick!: Fruit And Veggie MRI's

July 19, 2010


Sure magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology works well on the human body, but what about fruits? Why don't we just ask you?! Get it? I'm calling you a fruitcake. Your ass making a terrible Christmas gift aside, Inside insides is a blog dedicated to the food MRI's. Basically they're animated gifs that present the image in cross-sections. I posted watermelon and artichoke after the jump, but there's a bunch more at the site if you have a food fetish. Speaking of which -- honey mustard: it's not lube. BBQ sauce yes BUT NOT THE SHIT FROM WENDY'S.

Hit it for the worthwhile eye AND mouth candy.



Inside insides

Thanks to beefytee, who splatters fruits and vegetables like Gallagher and doesn't care what they look like inside.

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