BP Photoshops Picture To Make Oil Spill Command Center Look More Command-y

July 21, 2010


BP recently admitted to Photoshopping a picture of their Houston-based oil spill command center to make it seem like the workers there don't just play Minesweeper and make dead sea turtle jokes all day. Little did they know. You can't fool the American public. ROFLOL!

BP acknowledges it posted on its website an altered photo that exaggerates the activity at its Gulf oil spill command center in Houston.

The picture posted over the weekend showed workers monitoring a bank of 10 giant video screens displaying underwater images.

Spokesman Scott Dean says Tuesday that two screens were blank in the original picture and a staff photographer used Photoshop software to add images.

He says the photographer was showing off his Photoshop skills and there was no ill intent.

Damn, Mr. Photoshop! Copying an image from one monitor and pasting it on another? NOW YOU'RE JUST SHOWBOATING. Has Adobe approached you about teaching classes yet? No? Shocking. Kidding, it's because you blow.

BP's altered photo distorts spill center activity [comcast]
BP moving into Photoshopping? [jcjanderson]

Thanks to Lord Tarl and Jim, who Photoshopped a picture of themselves cutting BP's peener off with a pair of lobster claws. I'll admit, it's erotic in a BSDM sorta way.

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