Another Day, Another Dollar Batpod Replica

July 27, 2010


This is a Batpod replica (not to be confused with this Batpod replica) spotted in the wild near Mountain View, California. But as you'll see in the other pics, it actually has Florida tags -- and you all know what that means: no helmet laws! You can smash your brain up all you want and the man won't even give a dang. Freedom! FREEDOM! On a side note, does anybody else think it looks kinda like a Speeder Bike from Star Wars? No, just me? Cool. HOLY SHIT BATMAN IS BLACK.

Hit the jump for four more shots of the impressiveness.





Best. Motorcycle. Ever. [reddit]
Epic Chopper of the Day []

Thanks to Brandon, who bought the guy a custom, "if you can read this, Robin fell off" jacket.

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