Amazingly Amazing DIY Daft Punk Helmet

July 22, 2010


Want a futuristic space helmet like the guys from Daft Punk wear? Well now you can make your own, thanks to a in-depth build page by Volpin Props (the makers of the amazing Bioshock Big Daddy suit). Just look at it. I bet you don't even need a spaceship to fly to the stars with that thing on! Yep, I'd say a jet-pack would be plenty sufficient. Wanna give it a go? Awesome, just sign here so I can have your comic book collection in case I shoot your ass out of the sky with a rocket launcher you burn up during reentry (I want your WoW characters too).

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the finished product, as well as two videos (one of the 17-month build packed into 3-minutes, and another of the complete helmet).





Build Video:

Finished Product:

Volpin Props

Thanks to Guy, Andrea and Jiminy Crackhead, who -- helmets? Where we're going we don't need helmets. Oh hell yes we do too and now I have four to choose from!

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