All The Rage Right Now: Magic Fushigi Balls

July 12, 2010


Magic balls: every wizard has them. And now you can too thanks to the Fushigi! WTF's a Fushigi? Just read this insightful review:

Dudes, if you ever want a relationship with a member of the opposite sex, do not start "Fushigiing". Nothing says "I'm a nerdy social leper" like Fushigi. You'd probably be better off donning a silk cape and performing magic. I hope this fad goes away quickly so the 'contact juggler' elitists will stop crying that the Fushigi ball is exploiting the time-honored sport of 'contact juggling'. You know this is a dorkfest by the nerdy-ass names of 'maneuvers' like "Enigma" and "Prayer Cross."

Okay so I was too busy ordering as many Fushigis as your credit card would allow to read all that. So in case it didn't explain, a Fushigi consists of a stainless steel ball inside an acrylic ball with optical illusionistic (word wizardry +4) properties that you roll around in your hands to mesmerize passers-by and hopefully earn enough spare change to score a bottle of hooch. Alternatively, tell your audience once they've donated a minimum of $10 you'll jump off the curb barefoot into a pile of broken glass. Hey -- that shit works, I've seen it.

Hit the jump for a mind-numbingly awesome commercial.

Official Site

Thanks to Ali and Mark, who are both smart enough to know you shouldn't panhandle at a busy intersection because nobody really pays attention when they're driving and they'll hit you while playing with their phone.

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