Haha, Airport Security Loves A Good Joke!: Contraband Luggage Stickers

July 21, 2010


This is a sticker you can apply to a suitcase to make it look like you're a drug mule. I just bought one and you better believe airport security is gonna be ROFLing their metal detecting asses off! Oooor pointing their guns and yelling to spread my buttcheeks. BUT THEY'RE VIRGIN! (Haha, no they're not either) The stickers are $25 for a set of four and include this one, stacks of money, a tied-up hooker, and dildos/anal-beads. That's right, dildos/anal-beads. Speaking of which -- I swear one time when I was going through security I saw a funny-looking wiener on the luggage x-ray screen. It was mine -- I went through the machine!

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Suitcase Stickers are Cool as Long as Your Travel Doesn't Involve Airports [uberreview]

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