A Trip Down Memory Lane: 30 Years Of Apple Computers In 2-Minutes, With CG Morphing!

July 1, 2010


Gary Katz, best known for making this Apple Store diorama out of a shoebox and a couple iPhones, has gone and created a visual history of Apple computers using ONLY THE MODELS HE'S OWNED HIMSELF. Which is a lot of them. I counted at least a million.

Apple a day...Take a look at the design and progression of Apple computers from the Apple II to the current models. This video shows the computers I've kept for one reason or another morphing from one design to the next. It's a little over 30 years in a little over 2 minutes. Sadly, it doesn't include many iconic Apple products (Apple IIc, Apple IIgs, Quadra etc), only the machines I've personally owned or acquired over the years.

Did you read that, would-be fanboys? You don't have shit on Gary! Gary's been suckling from Apple's teat since before you were even a worried look on your mom's face cause her iPad was dry. SNAP!

Hit it for the video, which features crazy morphing graphics like in Michael Jackson's iconic 'Black or White' music video.


Thanks Gary, can I come over sometime and play retro Apple store?

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