Robotic Workers To "Help" At New Hospital

June 21, 2010


If I'm in the hospital the last thing I wanna see is a bunch of robots running around. I'd probably assume I've died and gone to hell. AND I AIN'T GOIN' OUT LIKE THAT.

A hospital in Scotland is to become the first in the UK to use a fleet of robots to carry out day-to-day tasks.

The robots will carry clinical waste, deliver food, clean the operating theatre and dispense drugs.

He added: "Members of staff will use a hand-held PDA to call up the robot to move meal trays, or linen, or whatever.

"The robot will come up in the service lift by itself, pick up the item and go back into the lift."

"The robots will follow the system using a series of laser beams which will tell it exactly where it is," he explained.

Right, autonomous robots running amok in a hospital, what could possibly go wrong? Besides, oh I dunno, EVERYBODY DYING. And not just the patients either, I'm talking the doctors and nurses and people pretending to be doctors and nurses to get at the drugs in the pharmacy. Get me some of that rubbing alcohol.

Forth Valley Royal Hospital to use robot 'workers' [bbcnews]
Robots to invade Scottish hospital, pose as 'workers' [engadget]

Thanks to spoon, raivo, Matt, ross, Bongo, Calum and sam, who'd rather take their chances with infection. Ditto!

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