Your Kneading Feels Different: A Bionic Kitty

June 25, 2010


Oscar the grouch kitty was sleeping in a field when his back legs got run over by a combine harvester. That story smelling fishy as shit aside, now he has bionic legs.

His new kitten heels were designed with custom-made implants, which "peg" the ankle to the foot and mimic the way deer antler bone grows through skin.

In a three-hour procedure, the veterinary surgical team inserted the pegs by drilling into one of Oscar's ankle bones in each of his back legs. The implants, which are attached to the bone at the amputation site, were coated with hydroxyapatite to encourages bone cells to grow onto the metal.

Oscar was trying to stand a day after the surgery and, despite some problems with infection, he was able to bear weight equally on all four limbs within four months.

Fitzpatrick said the patient had made a remarkable recovery. "Oscar can now run and jump about as cats do," he said.

Heartwarming, isn't it? Also kind of gross. But mostly heartwarming. I swear, medicine's sure come a long way, hasn't it? Reminds me of the time my little sister broke her arm. We had to put her down.

Video report with bionic-foot footage after the jump.

Paws for thought: pioneering surgery puts cat back on his feet [guardian]

Thanks to katie, Jo, Edd, Chris, Monster from Tokyo, Adam, AJ, Jennaiii, drew, t dudin, Bertoni, Jordan and Sister Angus McBastard, who would have just made him a little jetpack.

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