You'll Never Stack Up!: The Who-Tall-Are-You Mirror Compares Your Height To Celebrities'

June 24, 2010


Want to know how tall you are compared to a particular celebrity? Look them up on IMDB. Alternatively, get a 'Who Tall Are You' mirror. It's a mirror with famous peoples' names printed at their respective heights. I'm 1.5 Danny Devitos! Kidding, that would make me a m7.5' giant. I'm actually only 6' (and handsome as shit). Also, you need to make sure and hang the mirror at the right height or you won't get an accurate reading. *ahem* I'm looking at you, girl in the picture! 190cm? That's over 6'2". You're f***ing huge!

Who Tall Are You Mirror Compares Your Height To Famous People [albotas]

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