You Can't Hustle Me!: A Pool-Playing Robot

June 18, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because I know you're gonna launch the cue ball off the table breaking and I can't have it rolling around loose on the front page.

The PR2 is a robot designed to play pool (read: wait till you're bent over the table lining up a bank-shot and then impaling you with a cue). He's a shark.

The PR2 from Willow Garage might look pleasant enough, but it's a serious pool-playing machine. It doesn't use any fancy human remote-control cameras to play its perfect game of pool. Instead, it uses a set of high-resolution cameras with a "color blob tracker", and special software to plan its shots.

Oh yeah, robot? Well you're not the only one who can plan shots! Check it: bourbon, bourbon, vodka, bourbon, bourbon, vodka, bourbon! Just sayin', I'm already planning eight shots ahead. Robot technology can't f*** with me!

Hit the jump for a video of PR2 in action.

robots start playing pool and hustling humans [technabob]

Thanks to gancos and Michael, who would chalk that bitch in the eyes and then take his knees out with a cue.

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