You Can See Everything: Hot Pin-Up Calendar

June 16, 2010


YOW YOW! Check out the vertebrae on that one! And don't even get me started on the coccyx. Boy what I wouldn't give to be a cast on her, amirite? Calm down, that could be a man for all we know (I've been pretending it is!).

The "Eizo: Pin-up Calendar 2010" is really particular. This pin-up calendar offers you more than the usual integral nude : X-ray girls literally ! ;) Eizo is a brand of medical supplies and their campaign is awesome !

Very clever. But a heads up: be wary of anybody who says they get off on this sort of thing. Because they're the same people who sneak shovels into graveyards at night. Nec-romancers.

Hit the jump for a handful more of the hotness, along with a link to even more.





Eizo Pin-up Calendar 2010 - more than integral nude [ufunk] (with even more)

Thanks to nilbog, error, Jennifer and Rachel, who're really hoping for an MRI calendar next year. OMG, so hot!

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