Yeah You Did: Mountain Man Spots Bigfoot

June 21, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because that amateur sketch doesn't have shit on the Alabama leprechaun.

North Carolina native and self-proclaimed 'mountain man' (and possible moonshiner) Tim Peeler spotted a ten-foot tall Sasquatch trying to eat his dogs one night. Per Tim himself:

This thang was 10-foot tall. He had beautiful hair...He look like he had six fingers on each hand.

Geez, well why don't you just marry it, Tim? You know you wanna! Get it? Because it was your sister.

Hit the jump for a two-minute, mind-numbing news report.


Thanks to Steven, who agrees if it's hair was perfect it was probably just a Werewolf of London. Warren Zevon reference FTW!

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