Woman Pissed After Google Street View Captures Her 3-Year Old's Naked Booty

June 30, 2010


Claire Rowlands is a British woman who's ultra-pissed after the Google Street View car inadvertently captured a shot of her 3-year old son's bare asscheeks. Pfft, I played in the front yard naked till I was 17.

She said: 'I just felt sick to my stomach when I saw the naked picture of Louis on the internet. I'm angry, disgusted and upset about it - they should be checking every image before it goes up.

'They should be extra careful on warm days because this is what children do - he was just playing in the garden and we didn't expect in a million years he'd have his picture taken and put on the internet for anyone to see.

'It's such a clear image, I see it as an indecent photograph - my concern is that paedophiles could see it and there's no way I ever wanted my son to be seen naked all over the world.

Google has now apologised and said it has blurred the image.

Two Three words: throw some pants on the kid and stop complaining. Nobody wants to see the little bastard running through the sprinkler naked anyways. Except the ice cream man, and he has his own camera.

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