Woman Crashes Car To Avoid Hitting Vampire

June 30, 2010


I'd have sped up. You know what a museum would pay for a vampire cadaver?! Me neither, but I'm willing to find out (I'll call the Smithsonian, you work on tickets to the next Twilight premier).

A woman says she crashed into a canal after spotting a vampire in the middle of a dirt road on the Western Slope on Sunday night.

The woman told the Colorado State Patrol that she saw the vampire in front of her car so she put her SUV into reverse and went into the canal in Mesa County.

State Patrol says it does not believe drugs or alcohol was involved in the crash and the woman was not charged.

However, investigators say there is evidence the woman was not taking her prescribed medication.

Wait -- seeing vampires when you don't take your meds? I want whatever she's not on.

Woman says she crashed while trying to avoid vampire [9news]

Thanks to Jake, who once crashed his Jeep after seeing a dino in the street. WHERE WAS THIS, GIMME THE DEETS!

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