Wait For Me!: UFO Spotted Above Australia

June 7, 2010


This is a picture of a UFO spotted above Australia over the weekend. No word on if it actually contained aliens, but that's because the only people who saw it aren't talking and their butts hurt.

Some described it as a "lollipop-type swirl". Others say it hovered for a while before gradually moving in an eastern direction until it was out of sight. Those who saw the object say photos do not reflect how large it actually was.

Geoffrey Whyatt from the Sydney Observatory says it was probably a satellite, space junk or a rocket.

"The fact that you've got the rotation, the spiral effect, is very reminiscent of the much widely reported sightings from Norway and Russia last year, which both turned out to be a Bulava missile which was being adjusted in its orbit," he said.

"So possibly a rocket, I would say, having some sort of gyroscopic stability rocket fired on its side."

Gyroscopic stablity rocket? Suuuuuure, Geoffrey. OR SHOULD I SAY *ripping off mask* ZUZUGOOGLEPLEX?! Whoa, who knew aliens had human skulls? Science fact!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots that make me wish I'd jumped on the last comet.




UFO spotted over eastern Australia [abcnews]

Thanks to early-grey and Tom, who have both been abducted and loved every minute of it.

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