You're No Jedi: Star Wars Kid Is A Lawyer Now

June 3, 2010


Remember Star Wars Kid? I know, how could anybody forget that magic? Well it turns out he's a lawyer now. You know, after years and years of ridicule.

After three friends uploaded the infamous clip, which features Raza flailing about with a metal pole doing his most awkward Darth Maul impersonation, the Canadian teen became depressed, dropped out of school and wound up in a children's psychiatric hospital.

Raza and his family eventually took the parents of the kids who uploaded the videos to court and sued them for the harassment Ghyslain has endured since the clip debuted, and they eventually earned a settlement.
It seems like the story would end there, but website Motherboard brings us an update on one of the online world's most iconic people -- and where Raza is now may (or may not ... ) surprise you ...

Raza, now in his early 20s (and slimmed down) didn't become a Sith Lord, but he did wind up as the next best thing: a lawyer. After his courtroom experience, he decided to head to Montreal's McGill University, where he obtained his law degree.

Dammit, Star Wars Kid, you don't see Ninja Boy getting all depressed and dropping out of school do you? Of course not, because he knows he's a star. Just like you were. But did you ride the fame to the moon Endor? You did not. You got all butthurt instead. GROW SOME BALLS. You wanna know what I was known for in high school? Being the kid who shit his shorts in gym class and had the turd plop out onto the basketball court. And you know what I did? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT I DID?! I took a f***ing free-throw.

An Update on "The Star Wars Kid" [cinematical]

Thanks to Mesnard, who was known in high school as the guy who could get any girl he wanted but only dated girls in college.

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