Uh-Oh: Autonomous Drone Bots Can Assemble Themselves Into A Hovering Death Copter

June 9, 2010


Note: Video is after the jump because even I peed a little and I'm exposed this this sort of thing everyday.

Autonomous drones that can assemble themselves into a flying mothership. Crap. Seriously -- I think something just squeaked by but I'm afraid to look.

For those of you counting down to the robot uprising, you may be interested in the latest news from engineers at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. They've created autonomous robots that randomly dock with each other on the ground and then rise into the air- no human intervention required.

The little hexagonal modules that make up the flying drone are completely self-sufficient. In the context of a robot army, that means the airborne robot could be indestructible. Because the magnetically connected 'bots easily break away from each other, they could blow apart under attack, and then reassemble themselves on the ground, good as new.

"...Indestructible airborne robots". I don't like the sound of that. But do you know what I DO like the sound of? My own name. That shit sounds like like a choir of angels singing Johnny Cash's greatest hits. F***ing Epic.

Hit it for the video.

Video: Drone Swarm Assembles Itself, Terrifies Humanity [wired]

Thanks to Mark, Josh, my fat face, supercorn1, TobyRaider, Peter, Jason and nick, who would have smacked that thing with a flyswatter until it sputtered into a wall, then beat it with a crowbar even if it meant knocking a hole into a neighbor's apartment.

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