The World, It's Flat!: 55-Story High Infinity Pool

June 28, 2010


What cost $6 billion to build and has a 55-story high infinity pool? Give up? Me too. I guess I suck at guessing! Except peoples' weights at the fair, I made a killing doing that during the summers in high school. "How old and tall are you? Kidding, it doesn't matter -- you're obese. Congrats, pick a small prize. NEEEXT!"

55 storeys up, this infinity pool could glide you straight over the edge of Singapore, if not the world. It's part of the $6 billion Marina Bay Sands Skypark hotel, which just opened this week.

The pool itself is three times the length of an Olympic-sized pool, and is the largest pool in the world at that height reportedly.

Ah yes, the Marina Bay Sands Skypark Hotel. Sounds fancy. Granted not as fancy as the hotels I usually stay at, but one time I did stay at a Motel 6 with a pool in the middle. There was a turd in the deep end and a guy masturbating in the hot tub. I know, I couldn't believe there was a hot tub either. Such luxury!

Hit the jump for several more shots of the ridiculous hotel.





Careful Not to Backstroke Over the Edge of Singapore [gizmodo]

Thanks to stormy and Martin, who scuba dove to the bottom but were pissed when they came back empty handed. Geez, it's not a f***ing wishing well.

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