The Creation Of Mario, Sistine Chapel Style

June 22, 2010


Note: This is is small version of the picture, click HERE to see the thing in all its high-res glory and then make it your desktop background. Or don't. Stick to your nasty bikini chicks, I don't care.

This is 'The Creation of Mario' featuring Shigeru Miyamoto giving life to the world's most famous video game character in the style of Michelangelo's 'The Creation of Adam' in the style of me naked except my penis is is like four times smaller more gigantic that Adam's. It was digitally painted by deviantARTist TsaoShin (Eric Proctor) and HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THAT ASS ON SAMUS. I bet when she goes to the ladies room it looks like two blue Pokéballs fighting over a monster.

TasaoShin's deviantART
The Creation of Mario [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Heather, who agrees Bod would never hang out with Birdo in real life.

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