Symphony Of Science: The Case For Mars

June 8, 2010


Note: Music video is after the jump because the beat's so fresh it oughta be illegal.

This is the sixth installment in the autotuned Symphony of Science series. It's all about why humans should further explore Mars and is appropriately titled, 'The Case For Mars'. Sadly, based on the current lack of interest in outerspace as a whole, I'm gonna go ahead and speculate the case isn't going so hot. Maybe we should consider hiring a lawyer instead of just going with the public defender. I mean, he did show up for court with nothing but a briefcase full of comic books. What's that? You're right, you're right -- we should give him some more time.

Hit it for the video.

Symphony of Science

Thanks to qazz, Paulo and Kelly C., who have all dreamed they went to Mars and ate Martian cheese, then woken up in the refrigerator. You too?!

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