Suck It, Picasso!: Painting With Dead Ants

June 24, 2010


Most people paint with paint. Me? I paint with the blood of my slain enemies. But
San Francisco
artist Chris Trueman painted this picture of his younger brother with the bodies of 200,000 dead ants. You sick bastard.

"I found a guy who raises ants and sells them as horned lizard food," he said. "The lizards need the folic acid. It's an artificial food source. If the lizards were in nature, they could get them from their own diet, but many of these lizards are kept as pets in cities like New York and San Francisco where they are hard to come by." [...]

"The ants arrived in a large peanut butter jar -- just this huge mass of rising ants," he said. "It was weird. I couldn't set them free. They weren't native to the area and if they bit someone, they would leave welts, and I couldn't feed them, so I had to kill them."

Suuuuure you had to kill them. Just like the time I had to kill the cable guy for not hooking me up with free HBO. Okay, I actually did have to do that. You know what he said to me? "How about Showtime instead?" And that's when I stabbed him with the DVR.

Painting Made From 200,000 Ants [neatorama]

Thanks to naas, who plans on painting a picture with the dead bodies of people who post 'FIRST' in the comments.

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