Students Turn Observatory Into Giant R2-D2

June 4, 2010


Oh man, how cool would it have been if R2 were actually that big? He wouldn't have had to hang out with that golden wanker C-3 all the time, that's for sure.

Carleton's Goodsell Observatory gets turned into R2-D2 by an unknown group of enterprising students -- complete with sound effects. All the "decorations" appear to have been draped or taped onto the dome; there was no defacing with spray paint, etc.

Good lookin', guys. And I've gotta admit it's a tad classier than the peener I would have turned it into. But just barely. What? Don't even act like it's not the first thing you think of when you see an observatory! Haha, outerwhat?

Hit the jump for a couple close-ups and a video that nobody bothered turning right-side up (myself included).




The Ultimate R2-D2 College Prank [starwarsblog]

Thanks to Catherine, "the real" Jimmy Jazz, Brandy, khz and badforkboy, who once turned a campus greenhouse into a giant Gundam. Not as cool, guys, not as cool.

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