STOP THE PRESSES!: An Armrest Mousepad

June 30, 2010


Want a mousepad at the end of your armrest? Who doesn't, amirite? Not you? GO-GO-GADGET REGRET ASKING.

This $43 padded armrest has plenty of room at the end for your mousing pleasure. All you have to do is securely fasten it to the armrest of just about any chair, and you're good to go. It can also attach to a desk or table

Count me in! And by in I mean out, I write Geekologie entirely from the comfort of bed. And by bed I mean carseat, and by carseat I mean babyseat. Oh -- somebody just found a Cheerio between the cushions!

Hit the jump for another shot and the installation instructions you'll never need.



Excellent idea: mousepad built into an armrest [dvice]

Thanks to FDSY, who just uses a trackball.

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